Request: View for data in tree form

There are a few ways that we can view and select data that is in a tree form in the UI, but all of them are incomplete and lack options. I am talking about something like this React library A simple React tree menu component

What we already have are the checkbox tree, but there is no option to limit selections to only ONE component. So, a ratio button tree would be nice. There is also a cascader that would work pretty well except that it appears to only put out the labels rather than a pair of label:data like the other dropdown boxes do.

Either of these (or preferably both!) would make it much easier for us to deal with data in a tree form.

Thanks a bunch!

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This Retool blog article describes their new tree view as part of the IDE. I like to have that as tree view as a reusable/customizable component. Is that what you mean?

Yeah! I’d love to have that tree view as a reusable component! That would be huge for my use case. It’s quite nice that they have used the tree in the API view… now let us have it!