Select component - Group by

Hi there team,

I've been playing around with the "Cascader" component but it seems it hasn't been updated in a while as it doesn't have all the format options as the other components.

I was thinking an easy workaround would be to add a "Group by" option, similar to what you've done with the tables, where once you have your mapped data, you can add there one of the values in the data source and it will create a cascader view of the options. The options and selected value(s) would remain the same, it would just be a front end change.

Does that make sense? It would be a great thing to have for selects/multiple selects that have categories within their data sets

I think that's a good idea - where I've had a single layer of categories I've found the navigation component works really well for me but a select component with nested options would be great