Hiding personal information in the url

I'm running into a problem with my url
If you go to an app, for example the url is:
But I want to be able to change into something like:

the point of this is to hopefully hide any personal information revealed in the url. is something like that possible?

Hey @glue! To make sure I’m following along, you’d like to make the app url not contain the app info? I’m not sure this is possible (since the app uuids help us navigate to the right app), but let me know!

Sorry for the late response, but let me be try to be clear.

The goal is to keep the information shown in the url as limited as possible to prevent personal data being shown.

For example if I saw this:

Could I make it look something like this:

I hope this clears up any confusion, and thanks for your time !

Ah got it. This isn't currently possible (sorry :sob:), but I created an internal ft req for now!

Alright, thank you for letting me know !

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