Are app links stable (i.e. don't break after renaming apps)?

Hi there

I see that you recently changed the url structure, e.g. this:

Is this url stable? We had the issue before that when we renamed apps or moved it into another folder then the external links (we e.g. link to it from Slack) became broken.

Or asked differently: What is in the 12345ab0-a123-12ab-1a12-123c3b6b2856 ? Is it only the app or also the version? Will the link automagically point to the newest released version?

Hey @hansaplast (you bring up some painful memories.. :sweat_smile:)

  • So, the part in the url 12345ab.. is the global id of the app now! It doesn't matter if you rename it or move it across folders. In fact, you can delete anything after the id and the URL will still work.
  • Correct, previously, we had slugs in the URL that would change based on the folder/name making changes to it break all external links.
  • Releases aren't give new URLs (unless you preview a specific release)

tldr; Yes, you can use this URL (either app/editor version) and it will stay the same across, renames, moves, releases.


thanks for the clarification! Exactly what we wanted and great that we now have stable urls even after renaming/moving!
Btw: I'm not related to the Hansaplast brand, it's just a silly handle I use on the internet :slight_smile:

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Hi! Are stable links available for your self hosted version? I am noticing that our links break every time we rename or move folders. We don't have IDs in our URLs currently.

Hey @crtiolo, thank you for asking! No app UUIDs for on premise deployments yet, but will let you know once we have an ETA :slightly_smiling_face:

Update: it's not fully publicly accessible yet, but I think I have the green light to manually enable app UUIDs for your on prem instance! Is this something you'd be interested in? :slight_smile: @crtiolo

Yes! I am!!!!

Cool! I just enabled it for your org a few days ago (but then got sick and forgot to update you). How are things looking for you?