GUI Mode not working for Planetscale dbs


Hey @joeBumbaca we're having issues with Planetscale x Retool. This was working until about 1-2 weeks ago, for a massive internal set of apps. Even basic functions that I imagine the GUI "Select a Table" would be doing (probably "show tables;" under the hood aren't working. It's not a DB issue–those are working just fine and permissions didn't change + other DB tools continue to work + Retool can still run SQL. Just no schema or GUI abilities.

Hey @mattlovesretool, we are currently aware that GUI mode for Planetscale based dbs is not working. This is likely a reoccurrence of this issue that we previously reported to them and had been fixed. We've raised the issue with them again and will follow up here as we hear back. Thanks for reporting!

@joeBumbaca it worked until about 2 weeks ago though. Did something change?

@mattlovesretool nothing changed on our side, that query is used to enable GUI mode on all MySQL based resources and is only not working for Planetscale. We've reported the issue to them again and they have responded here. As soon as they are able to resolve this, GUI mode will work again.

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@mattlovesretool Just tested again this morning and it looks as though the fix that PlanetScale implemented is now live. Are you able to see your schema when using GUI mode with a PlanetScale resource?

@mattlovesretool Got confirmation from PlanetScale that this should be fixed on all DBs now. Was able to confirm that this is indeed working again for me. Let me know if you are still having issues.