Unable to get database schema (No schema found) - MySQL

Hi there,
I'm unable to get the MySQL database schema connected to my app:


The database is connected correctly because I can run the query, but I'm not able to use the GUI mode if I can't get the schema.

App uuid is: f5e52600-5617-11ee-88b1-17b8916aa667



Can you share the query?

Any query... This is what I see if I use the GUI mode:


I set up the connection and have the same problem. I digged a little bit as a bug from the retool side. Here is the discussion.

"Select Table" shows "No Data" in GUI Mode query - App Building - Retool Forum

That's definitely possible as I know everything was working as expected a while ago and it broke just "recently". Will that be fixed at some point?

Yep, It seems it is a recent issue again. Others are also having the same problem.
GUI Mode not working for Planetscale dbs - Queries and Resources - Retool Forum

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@stefanosala @Rati_Bakhtadze Yes, this is a known issue on the Planetscale side, thanks for linking the other thread! I just asked for an update, will report back when I have any additional information.

Any update? :pray:

@stefanosala Just tested again this morning and it looks as though the fix that PlanetScale implemented is now live. Are you able to see your schema when using GUI mode with a PlanetScale resource?