Not seeing GUI mode for a Resource connecting to my Teradata Vantage DB

I've added a Teradata resource but I don't get the GUI Mode for queries. I read all over the docs, and I see that GUI mode needs to have Read and Write perms enabled for that resource, but I don't see any place for me to give the resource Read and Write perms. I also see that my advanced options are limited

Hi @JanethGraziani ,

It seems you’ve added a Rest resource for your Teradata. Rest resources don’t have a GUI mode, this is only available for database resources.

Hey @JanethGraziani, as @mbruijnpff mentioned GUI mode isn't available for REST resources. For DB resources, the user which you connect to the DB from Retool must have read and write permissions on the db in order to use GUI mode. Let us know if you are still having issues.

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