Grouped rows hiding data from export

I could not figure out why all my table exports had gone blank until I tried yet another during troubleshooting with a grouped row coincidentally expanded open.

In short, if you implement grouped rows, your export will be devoid of all data unless you click open the groups in the table. Huh?

File format doesn't seem to matter, nor does allow/disallow hidden columns, same effect.

You can see in the screenshots that the only data I get in the export is rows that have been revealed by clicking open the group. It also seems to be inserting blank rows in place of the groups.

(The blank rows separating the groupings on the export is actually kind of nice, but would be even nicer if the rest of the data was there, hehe)

Yet, if I add a button to the app with an Export data option, all the data is present in that export, regardless of how grouped rows are expanded or collapsed.

alas, it includes all the hidden columns and uses the column ID instead of the column label (perhaps those quibbles can be satisfied by running an exportData script instead and passing in an options object?)

From what I understand the table toolbar's native export functionality is savvy enough to skip rows that have been filtered out, but it seems it is treating collapsed rows like filtered rows?

Maybe users only want exports to include expanded rows, and it's working as intended, but seems counterintuitive to me? IMO, collapsed row group ≠ filtered-out rows

If I change the button action form the canned 'Export data' to 'Run script' so I can pass in the includeHiddenColumns option, the export returns the original problem – only data from expanded groups are included in the export.

So there's a compromise no matter how you try to export with grouped rows. Sigh.

Perhaps table methods like expandAllGroups() and collapseAllGroups() so we could have the script expand out every group before export so all the data is included in the export?

I can't be the only person who thinks it's weird that grouped rows affect table data exports in this manner?

Hi @Schteevynn

As we discussed in office hours, I agree that it seems more expected to get the grouped rows in the download - even if not expanded (and without the blank rows in between).

I am submitting the request to our team to either fix this or provide multiple options for exporting. I'm also submitting a related request for table methods like expandAllGroups() and collapseAllGroups()

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Thanks for outlining all of the different behaviors you tested! Very helpful :blush:

Hi @Schteevynn The button on the table UI should be downloading the full dataset for the table now (without extra spacing)!

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Yay! Thank you. They love the grouped rows – but very much did not love having to disclose the contents of each grouped row before hitting that download button. Much more intuitive and useful now. Thank you