Grid Notation Cancel Save

I have built a new grid and I am getting a Cancel / Save Message at the bottom of the Grid.

I have gone through the Docs and can't find out how to turn this off.

Any Suggestions?



If you're using the new Table, and not the Legacy Table component, if you remove the "Save Actions" add-on, it gets rid of that Cancel/Save UI element.

CleanShot 2023-07-28 at 15.04.31@2x

Yes, it worked. Thank you very much.

I see that the new table no longer has a colour for the hover row. The selected row no longer works either.

If the developer who did this has not left the building, I think he should be asked to change it back. In every way, the Legacy Grid builder was much better to work with.

I will mark this as the Solution.


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Thanks for the feedback -- I've shared this with the team that owns table styling.