Global default for new queries to run only when manually triggered

When creating a new query, the run setting is always set to "Run query automatically when inputs change" by default. This is usually fine for database queries that are just selecting data. However, it is not fine when the query is making modifications to the resource attached to it.

When creating a new query, if I forget to change this away from the default so that it can only be run manually, then it's possible that modifications will be made automatically when the app is loaded. I would prefer to default to no action, so that the risk of accidentally making changes is as low as possible.

Is there a setting somewhere in the Retool admin settings that can change this default behavior? I'm not sure if this already exists or if it would be better suited as a Feature Request.

Hi @pomschraitle!

We don't currently have a way to do it, but agree that it would be nice to control that. Just created a feature request on our side to explore adding something like a resource-level configuration to default that setting for queries created from it :grinning:


That sounds great, thanks!