Github GraphQL Queries with Connected Github Resource

In the Github Integration docs It states: You can connect to GitHub and make it available as a resource in Retool. Once complete, your users can write queries that interact with GitHub data using GraphQL.

However on the Github Integrations Landing Page it states: Github is, well, Github. We support Github's v4 OpenAPI.

I see no option to run gql queries with my configured Github resource. Is this expected? It contradicts the docs. If graphql can't be enabled by the standard Github Resource, can another resource type be created for Github Graphql?

I'm currently querying the graphql API using a bearer token auth header with a github user token. It's not ideal - if I could reuse the auth from the github resource, I'd be a lot happier.

Hi @Glen_Keane

Thanks for reaching out about this -- it could definitely be documented better

It looks like if you use the token approach to authenticate, then you'll have the option to use the graphql query. If you use OAuth, it's the API query option

Hey @Tess, I'm just coming back to this.

Is there a way to enable gql queries with the oauth version? I would very much like to centralise the auth to github for gql without needing additional auth tokens, etc

I don't believe so :disappointed: but I'll make a request for this