Git Syncing not pulling down anything

I've followed the steps in this guide

I'm pointing to the main branch, but have also tried other branches but I'm not seeing my apps appear in the apps page. I don't see any logging page, no errors come up.

Any tips on where I can start to debug this?

I've been able to make a little progress and found the logs inside the jobs-runner container. This is what I'm seeing

{"level":"info","message":"Setting up local tmp git credential file","pid":24,"source":"GIT_SYNC","timestamp":"2023-08-04T06:19:03.999Z"}
{"level":"warn","message":"Local tmp credential files not found.","pid":24,"source":"GIT_SYNC","timestamp":"2023-08-04T06:19:04.012Z"}
{"level":"info","message":"Getting the right branch...","pid":24,"source":"GIT_SYNC","timestamp":"2023-08-04T06:19:06.600Z"}
{"level":"info","message":"Checking out local branch...","pid":24,"source":"GIT_SYNC","timestamp":"2023-08-04T06:19:06.604Z"}
{"level":"info","message":"Getting remote commit","pid":24,"source":"GIT_SYNC","timestamp":"2023-08-04T06:19:06.905Z"}
{"level":"info","message":"Resetting local branch to remote commit","pid":24,"source":"GIT_SYNC","timestamp":"2023-08-04T06:19:06.908Z"}
{"level":"info","message":"Checked out correct branch.","pid":24,"source":"GIT_SYNC","timestamp":"2023-08-04T06:19:07.207Z"}
{"level":"info","message":{"CPU Usage % for process":"9.70%","Memory Stats for container":{"freeSystemMemory":"522.645504 MB","percentageFreeMemory":"6.35%","totalSystemMemory":"8232.894464 MB"},"Memory Stats for process":{"heapTotal":"181.354496 MB","heapUsed":"159.800224 MB","percentageHeapUsed":"88.11%","rss":"0 MB"},"pid":24},"namespace":"memoryUsage","pid":24,"timestamp":"2023-08-04T06:19:09.928Z"}
{"level":"info","message":"Jobs runner checking for changes.","pid":24,"source":"JOBS_RUNNER","timestamp":"2023-08-04T06:19:12.797Z"}
{"error":"Failed polling changes from Git TypeError: object is not a function","level":"error","message":"Failed polling changes from Git TypeError: object is not a function","pid":24,"source":"GIT_SYNC","timestamp":"2023-08-04T06:19:12.856Z"}

Today find out that we also experience the issue.
@helixbarry could you please share your version?
We currently at 2.123.16

I was able to pull the changes from repo.
Not sure if it's a coincidence or not, but try to update your's retool public key in repo.
Also enable debug logging for the retool with LOG_LEVEL=debug variable - you should be able to get commit id.

Still, the error remains in the log.

Today find out that we also experience the issue.
@helixbarry could you please share your version?
We currently at 2.123.16

I was on the same version.

I couldn't resolve the issue. I enabled the debug log but that didn't show me anything new. I contacted retool support and they said that the git syncing is an old feature that they no longer support. They recommended that because I use GitHub, I should just connect to GitHub using the source control method.

I did that and I'm able to pull down changes successfully now.

Their documentation does say to use source control instead of Git syncing (in a small warning notification at the top of the article). However, I don't think that their docs are structured in the best way and it makes you think that Git syncing is a viable option where in reality it's buggy and not supported.

Thanks for the answer.
Yeah, sometimes docs have to be updated.
We're looking for that source control method for a while and also will switch to it. However it requires time to get used to it for devs teams.

:wave: just a quick note that the docs have been updated to make the warning more apparent. Thanks both of you for the callout and thank you for answering @helixbarry :slightly_smiling_face:

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