Getting a file using Salesforce API Integration

Hello, I am trying to get a file from Salesforce using the Salesforce API Integration so I can attach it to an email I am sending through retool. When I use the CRUD Action, only the path is returned in the VersionData field.

I am trying to access this path: /services/data/v42.0/sobjects/ContentVersion/068Hp00000gsuloIAA/VersionData through another CRUD Action, but can't specify VersionData in the resource block like so:

Any help would be appreciated!


Hi @trevwilliams107 Thanks for reaching out!

I don't see a way to get this appended as a separate field in the query :thinking: I'll move this to feature requests. What happens if you append /VersionData to the id?

If that doesn't work, could you do this in our generic Rest api integration?