Using webhook to listen for an API callback that returns a file via multipart/form-data

I'm not sure if I am approaching this correctly.

I have an API that sends an API callback as a response.
To simulate this, I am using postman and defining a file in the form-data

In Retool, I have a trigger setup with a webhook endpoint and when I get this payload, I want to take the file and put it into Retool Storage for now. I figure if I can get that working, moving it elsewhere should be a similar process.

But I am not sure how to handle the payload when the API is called. The data looks like this:


Thanks @bbdata for this question and feedback! Sending a file via payload is not yet supported in our Workflows product. I've moved this to our Feature Requests category and internally linked the relevant feature request. Should our eng team pick this up we'll be able to update you here on this thread!