Getting an attachment using Salesforce API Integration (APEX Rest Query)


I am using the Salesforce API Integration in a Retool Workflow. I am currently able to read data from our Salesforce Prod environment using the SOQL query type. However, I want to use the APEX Rest query type in order to download an email attachment (or at least get the Base64).

I have the path for the attachment - and have tested the path using 'Workbench' - a Salesforce APEX REST API testing platform, and it has successfully downloaded.

However, when I try to do the same call in Retool Workflows - I get a 'Could not find a match for URL' error

This is the structure of the path I use '/services/data/v42.0/sobjects/EmailMessage/PARAMETER'

I can't find anything in Retool documentation - so would appreciate any guidance.

Hey @Matthew_Parkes!

It looks like the APEX Rest query type is built specifically for /services/apexrest endpoints and will automatically prepend that to the provided path. If you're trying to retrieve something from /services/data can you try using the CRUD Action query type instead?

Let me know if that works!