Get current value in listbox as default value

Hello everyone,

Hope you are doing well, I have a question. I am building an app to track the status of certain leads in our database. The other options are:

  • New
  • On-hold
  • Sold
  • Rejected

Now my question is, when I double click on the lead, a sidebar is openend where I can change the data of the lead. Now we have selected a list(dropdown) to change the status. But how can I show current status in this list. So what I want, if I click on the lead. The status list is filled with the value it has given in the table. So if a lead is new, the list default value needs to be: "New".

Normally {{table1.selectedrow.status}} does the trick, but I couldn't figure it out.
Can you help me? If there is something not clear. Please ask me : )

If I understand your setup correctly, adding {{table1.selectedRow.status || "New"}} to the default value of your select inside of the sidebar should be what you're looking for.
Make sure your select has the option value "New" in it.

In case this doesn't help, please share some screenshots of the current set up to further understand what you mean.