Split button default label

I have a split button that i want to initially show the value of a column from a selected row from my table component. The column is called "bill_back" and the possible values are "Bill Back, Non Bill Back, Credit Account and Unknown" Those are the same available labels i manually added for my split button. I have an update query set for those options that will update the bill_back status in my database on click, which works fine.

What i can't get, is the default value that's in the database to be set as the main label for the button. It's like it doesn't refresh. Even if i switch rows i'm selecting in my table component. It's like it stays in the state of the last selection of the split button.

I tried {{table23.selectedRow.bill_back}} as the label for the first option on my button, but that only works until i select an option and run a query. I've also got a success trigger on the query to update my table component.

Hello @dru_nasty ,

Thanks for your question, I have encountered a similar problem, upon page load, the selectedRow value is working nicely, but once something is selected from the dropdown, this functionality ceases to work until a page refresh occurs. I've tried a few workarounds, but don't have a great working solution utilizing the Split Button component.

I do prefer to simply make "in-line" edits to my table columns. In this use case, I'm using the Retool database and my columns are structured with 'enum' datatypes. Upon changing the value of the cell, I am initiating my Post query which, upon success, is also refreshing my table with the updated backend data.

Here is a video of my solution which was pretty simple to setup: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Are you married to using the split button?

  • Brett