GeoJSON Point Styling - Mobile

Hello, I am working on a Mobile App where it plots points collected from a separate form into a map on a mobile device. Then the user needs the ability to then select the point from the map, and see the data associated with the map. I have the mobile app currently set up to do all of this, but all of the points look the same.

GeoJSON Mobile Map

I am looking for a way to be able to format the points to be different colors or different markers depending on the status. For an example, if one is marked as active, pending, or closed, they need to be different. They also still need to be selectable points as well, so that a user could select one of the points and see the data associated. Also the points are being pulled from a database, so the code is in the "points" section of the map and not plotted using GeoJSON. Is this possible in a mobile app?

Hey @Aray! This isn't currently possible, but I've linked this topic to an internal ticket tracking this request. It's not currently prioritized on the near term, so a quick turnaround isn't likely. I'll definitely keep you updated on the status, as I have any additional information to share.

I was actually able to color the points, with a little finesse. In the query where I get the data, I transform the results to transform the data as an array. Once I do that, I pass it through the JS code provided above. After passing the code through that JS query, I load the points onto the map through that query instead of the query where I originally loaded in the data. I hope this can help others!

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Ahh perfect! I thought you were looking for custom icons, misread that different colors would suffice. Glad you've got that working, it will definitely be helpful to others! Thanks for posting your solution.