Generate form from data not start in mobile canvas

I'm using free version of Retool and I have successfull created my first App with a Table and a Form to Edit single row of the table.
The form was generated automatically with your wizard "Generate form from Data".
When I try to replicate same steps for Mobile Canvas, the "click" on "generate form" not fire and nothing happen.
Can you help me ?
Thanks in advance.

Hey @SkyWalker!

This is actually a known issue and I can let you know here when it has been resolved. In the meantime, can you generate the form on the desktop canvas and then move it over to the mobile canvas?

Thanks for surfacing the behavior!

Thank very much for your response, can you explain to me how can I move Desktop Canvas to the Mobile ?

Certainly! If you're in the desktop view, you should see the option to either "Show on desktop" or "Show on mobile" at the bottom of the component settings. By toggling mobile on should move it to the mobile view - you can then also hide it from the desktop view if you'd like!