From Array to String

Hi Everyone,

I d like to use the value (string datatype) from a field as a placeholder in one of my "Select Input" component.

I am quite close to have it, however I am getting an Array instead of a String which throw an error.

Question: How can i transform an array (with a single value) into a string? cf. screenshot 1

Screenshot 1: Error Array instead of Single String Value

Screenshot 2: Really bad workaround is to add "something" before the "{{" so the value retrieved is consider as string e.g. """

Looking forward to some help :slight_smile:

Your place holder should only be enclosed in {{ and }} and at the end of the value inside it id the array has a length of 1 your value would be yourvaluedata['0'].toString();
Sorry hard for me to read the highlighted Placeholder value so paste it in here please if you can't get the above to work.

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Thanks it works :slight_smile:

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