Form with repeatable rows. i.e. order & line item

Hi everyone

I'm hoping to get some high level direction on best approach within Retool.

The goal is some sort of order CRUD split over a few pages.

I know how to display such repeatable data in retool, but not too sure about an order upsert form, which will involve repeatable line items, a form that can dynamically add & delete rows, maybe even drag reorder and grouping.

Is JSON Schema Form component the only feasible approach?

Hi @rxunique Thanks for reaching out! Have you already moved forward with a solution? One approach is the JSON Schema Form, as you mentioned, because you can dynamically display components. I would also recommend trying a list view in a form :slightly_smiling_face: For now, I'd use the legacy list view (for the reasons discussed here).

We generally don't have components that support end users drag & dropping to re-order, other than the re-orderable list component, which would be too simplistic for your use case. If this is necessary for your app, you could also consider spinning up your own custom React component