Creating a dynamic form in which user can add multiple rows

How can i create a growing form inside a main form.

Is this really possible in retool form ?


Dynamic form is possible, there is a component called JSON Schema Form. It allows you control the form dynamically using json. It's a complex component to use. I recommend to read over the doc and try it out: Introduction | react-jsonschema-form

As for putting it inside another form, while it's possible but you most likely won't have access to the inner form's data through outer form's data property. The main reason for that is the JSON Schema Form does not have form data key property.

However, you should be able to combine the two.

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Can you suggest how can I combine both of them If i need to post all the combined data at once to a certain API lets say !

Hey @Pawan_Prajapati!

You can reference the JSON Schema Form's data alongside the regular form's data wherever you'd like to use it using something like either {{ {,} }} or {{ Object.assign(, }}.

Does that work for you?

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Thanks for the solution, there is one more blockage for me in permissions. I can not edit users permissions for users for any apps I developed on retool.
FYI I am currently using free version of retool, do I need to have paid version of retool for this ?

Glad that works! And yes, permissions are only available on the Business and Enterprise plans.