Firebase login page with existing users

This is my Firebase dashboard;

See i have added few users in the Auth section, each user has an email and password. In retool i wish to have a login page to wrap my app. I'm following Retool doc and stuck at this step
I'm confused from where we get the user token added to this section in firebase. If someone could help to get my next step, much appreciated.

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Facing same issue here. Any support?

Hey there!

Are you using this endpoint for Firebase auth? If you set your first auth step to be a Form (modal) step you should then be able to access the user's email and password using {{ }} and {{ form1.password }} respectively.

Those can be passed to the REST endpoint described in the docs above and if you hit the Test auth workflow button you should be able to verify your idToken etc. in the preview JSON. Something like this:

Where you want to go from there depends a bit more on your use case. Would you mind describing more about how you're looking to use the token?