Firebase OAuth with Google

Hi all!
We have a server which has apis that do crud operations on our postgres DB. I want to expose these apis through retool. The issue is that these apis need Firebase auth. I have added the creds on the resource page for this app. But I am not sure if I understand what should go in the "auth verification endpoint" field (see attached image).

Hey @astar happy to help with this! For the auth verification endpoint all you need to put in is any endpoint from the REST API that will return a status 200 if a user IS authenticated and a non-200 status code if the user is NOT authenticated.

As stated in our docs:

The "auth verification endpoint" is used to test whether or not the user is currently authenticated. Retool will make a GET request to the URL and if the response is not a 20x, it will pop a modal open and ask the user to authenticate against the API.

You can read more about this in our docs here. Hope this helps!

I was able to just use Firebase's auth endpoint with username and password. This way I did not have to create custom token.