File button not working as of 20 minutes ago

I've been working on an app that takes in two csv files and noticed about 20 minutes ago that the file upload feature is no longer working. I've tried using the file button, dropzone, and input components and they all seem to have the same result. The file gets uploaded, and that much is clearly successful, because I can access the file details using fileButton1.files, the size is non 0, the details all look correct. Parse files is enabled (true) in the inspect settings for the fileButton, but for some reason, no matter what CSV I use, the parsedValue array is null? I've tried making a fresh app with just a fileButton and table, and I get the same results, a null array. I've tried enabling the parse files setting manually, with no change. I've tried the books.csv file provided in the csv upload guide. No matter what I do, I can't get any parsed file data.

I'm absolutely certain that I didn't change anything in the original app that should be causing this, but I'm completely stumped now that I'm getting the same issue in a fresh app with nothing but a fileButton.

Going to assume this is related to other current issues. I'll update if this is resolved when the outage is resolved.

Hi @Jake29 apologies for this, yes, we're experiencing an incident that our team is working on resolving. Please follow here for updates: Retool Status - Retool 403 (forbidden) error

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All resolved now, thanks!

Hi @Jake29 !

Thanks for flagging this issue. The parsedValue file upload issue (as well as the incident mentioned above) should now be resolved! Are you able to check and confirm that the file upload is back to working as expected?

@ben this has been resolved and is working as expected! Thank you!

Excellent! Let us know if anything else comes up!