Feedback on Navigation and Sidebar components


There are a couple of things that are a bit frustrating with Nav and the Sidebar that could be good improvements:

  1. Ability to programmatically expand sub-menus. It would be great to be able to control the expansion of the sub-menu when the user is on specific pages or apps to reduce clicks.
  2. The Nav supports nav types of App or custom. App is great but it lacks control like being able to change the name (sometimes it could be different in Nav than I want to name the app) and sometimes I want to be able to pass context between apps (like customer Id in the url). I have to use custom for this which means it can't highlight the item to say I have selected it.
  3. Sidebar context. It would be great if the sidebar could store the current state for that user (like selected customer Id) when jumping from app to app. At the moment I am storing this in the nav module and then using custom nav to pass the id in the URL.

The sidebar and nav are both great additions btw!


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@DuncanRitchie, thank you so much for the thorough feedback! Working on filing these as individual requests for tracking now.