Feedback for the Forums!

How useful do you find the Retool forums to be?
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Hello everyone! We'd like to get your feedback about how your experience on the forums has been so far. So many of you have made amazing contributions here over the years, and we really appreciate how welcoming and helpful you've been for new users of Retool.

As the platform grows both in user base and technical scope it'll be increasingly important to have spaces where people can share ideas, build together, and get their questions answered. We're hoping that the forums can contribute to that and as such we'd like to hear what works for you here and what doesn't.

If you have any thoughts on what's working well for you and what you'd like to see change please let us know here!

We're going to try doing this in rounds so we'll only have this thread open for a bit, but we'll continue asking for feedback through various channels!

(Thanks to those who responded to the survey as well :pray:)

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