Feature Request Consideration

Hey everyone!

Considering Retool Power Users and Discords do not have dedicated place for Feature Requests perhaps we can start a thread rolling for smaller details that would make sense.

I'll share some:

  • Drawer modal to support Event Handlers

  • New modal to support Event Handlers

  • New Table to support option to permanently show actions (vs on hover)

  • Dynamic setting of Table height FX (i.e. auto if lower than 10 rows, fixed if above)

  • Perhaps bringing back button within table as some customers prefer that look and new buttons are too small

  • Hoist state on new Drawer/Modal

I'm sure there are many other nuances all of us encounter daily and I encourage everyone to share!


Perhaps bringing back button within table as some customers prefer that look and new buttons are too small

Hey Stefan! We are planning to start working on this feature very soon! Stay tuned -- we'll update this thread when it's available :blush:


Adding additional item that's constantly requested!

  • Ability to show default message when table data is null similar how to Legacy table worked
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Adding additional request:

  • Dynamic (FX) option for "Show a confirmation modal before running" - Some queries can be reused by passing additionalScope for updating/soft deleting and you'd want the modal to be enabled if its soft deleting while not wanting it enabled on updates.

  • Having additionalScope values be accessible in Success/Failure Handlers

  • Enable an option/function to control Expanded Rows on New Table so that you can only Expand one row at the time

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  • Please make Audit logs filterable or at least downloadable on Cloud

  • PLEASE make Audit logs expand everything similar to JSON Explorer so we can easily search by specific fields

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Huge feature would be enabling more ways to programmatically provision users in the right groups. Thinking of large deployments or SAAS usecases.

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Hey @stefancvrkotic and @JoeyKarczewski - really appreciate all the valuable feedback here! That said, listing multiple feature requests on one post makes it fairly difficult for our team to ascertain how popular the idea is and provide feedback on each request.

The best way to provide feedback is to quickly search the community for any existing feature requests (like this one here for empty state in the new table) and share any additional thoughts or just add a +1 comment. If you can't find a post for your feature request, then you can create one post for each idea. This means we can then individually report these to our product team. This will also allow others to +1 your ideas or add their own thoughts and give us a streamlined location to provide updates and ask questions to those who would like the feature.

Thanks so much!

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