Extra Spacing in Timeline

Using a Timeline component and noticed that it adds a lot of additional spacing at the end. (screenshot 1). 12x19 is all I need, but 12x25 is the only way to not get a scrollbar - seems excessive?

Real estate will be tight when I have this container fully populated, but it also may lead to confusion with users thinking there's more data to be seen when there isn't. (screenshot 2).

Am I doing something wrong?

Hi @vinnie thanks for reaching out about this! Definitely agree with your feedback.

I don't see a setting that would help with this yet, but I'll submit a feature request internally

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In the meantime, it looks like you could handle this with custom css. Just keep in mind that custom css is based off of component class names, which could change over time (without warning to editors), so it's something you'd need to keep an eye on. I've linked the general how-to docs for implementing custom css. You'll need to preview the app and use your browser dev tools to find the class name that you want to apply the css to. Then, go back into edit mode & add your css under the settings