Export database as csv not containing the correct json data

  • Goal: Exporting a table in the database as csv to reimport into the staging environment is not possible. The reason is that json data exported from the table resolves a an: -> t
    in the export and not the json data is actually in the cell. t -> stands for true in the csv export. Importing the data into staging database the gives me an json error since the json is an string with the value -> t and not the actually json data.

  • Steps: Go to the database. Klikk the arrow down on the table and and export CSV. The table needs to have json data in it. Reimport the data back into the staging database with the same schema as the production database.

Have not tested this out myself, but did you try getting that data into a table in the app and then downloading it from there? You have an option of selecting JSON and CSV from there.

Yes that works,I have exported json data from an table before. The bug is related to the database export.

Thanks for reporting this bug @Christian_Ostrem! I was able to repro it and log it internally. I'll be in touch with any updates.