Event for clearing text inputs

It would be handy to have an event handler for when a user hits the clear button on a text input so that filters or search queries can be reset. I know that clearing a text input counts as a 'change' event, but I don't want to listen for changes as it means my search or filter queries get fired off on every keystroke.

There is an easy workaround which is to have a 'change' event listener that only triggers when value.length == 0, but thought it might be a useful feature to include.

Hi @krausenhaus!

As I was thinking through this feature request, and how we might manage the two exclusive behaviors without affecting existing apps, I had an idea. Would a setup like this work for you? Disable the event handler whenever the textinput has values in it?

That should only cause testQuery here to run when the input is cleared!


Cheers Alex, that's pretty much how I've got it set up now and it works just fine, so probably not that important of a feature request!

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