Error {"status":413,"message":""} while attempting any google sheets appends

Hi - I'm running into some issues trying to get appends to go into a google sheet. My goal is really to just have my database in retool constantly push into a google sheet, but I can't even get it to push a single line of data right now due to this error: {"status":413,"message":""}.

It happens no matter how I attempt it. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or what could be causing it, but I've tried appending 1 row of data with 4 columns and I've tried appending 300 rows with 40 columns and it doesn't seem to matter.


The resolution for this on-prem issue was setting the CLIENT_MAX_BODY_SIZE to 0 (which basically sets the size to unlimited):

Here is our environment variable documentation for reference:

I'm currently experiencing this exact issue and we do not have an on-prem account.