Error on MongoDB queries

Hi all!
Since some hours ago, we started viewing this error on some retool dashboards that run queries against a MongoDB Database:

    • message:"Cannot convert undefined or null to object"

We made no changes on our side and can confirm that it was working yesterday. Is there something we can do to try to fix the problem? Appreciate the support!


Hi @martincrb! Welcome to the community! I believe this is related to a bug that was fixed this morning (a few hours after your post). Are you still seeing any errors in your app?

Hi @Tess , thank you very much! I can confirm it is working now :slight_smile:

Really appreciate the support.


Wonderful! Let us know if any other questions come up!

Hi @Tess ,

What version has this fix?

Hi @Doglas Thanks for reaching out! I believe this was fixed on Retool Cloud 2.72, but I don't believe this bug made it to any of our on-premise deployments. Let us know if you're seeing any issues!

Yes, I have.

I am building a aggregate pipeline on mongodb and using this $match: { chaveProduto: { $in: [null, undefined] } }.

I receive this message: "The value has to be of type 'object | void', you provided a value of type 'string'

When I remove the 'undefined', it runs.

Hi @Doglas! Thanks for reaching out. Looking at this doc, I believe null can be used to find both null & undefined


Null only:

Undefined only:

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