Parameter types must be provided for null values via the 'types' field in query options

When I'm updating my row with some null values in it. It shows me some this type of errors

"Parameter types must be provided for null values via the 'types' field in query options."

I can set parameters types. But Where can I find query options. I didn't got enough info from docs for setting query options.

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@flintrider Any chance you can share some screenshots of code or code itself in the app you are having difficulty with setting parameter types?

Hi @flintrider and thanks for jumping in here, @ScottR :slight_smile:

What SQL type are you using?

Yes I didn't know from where to set these parameters for fixing the error.

Hi @victoria,

I'm using BigQuery SQL.

Ah! I was worried that might be the case. It looks like we have a bug report for exactly this (we don't currently support null values with BigQuery queries). I just bumped it to the PM, so hopefully we'll have good news for you soon—I'll keep you updated in this thread!


Thank you so much.

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@victoria - Have you folks made any headway here?


any updates on this? Thanks

Asked the team that works on resources! Will let you know once I hear back.

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No updates yet, but I bumped this request again :crossed_fingers:


I happened to have the same issue. There are two workaround you can try. See this thread. How do I update an optional empty null field to BigQuery?

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We are facing the same issue here, which is basically stopping us from using GUI writes with bigquery. Any updates on this request?

Checking in with the team to see if they have any updates. Thank you for asking about this, @DATA_THATMEMORY and @Tommy_Romano!

I'm encountering the same issue.

@victoria - Do you know if there is any solution to this issue?

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This is currently blocked on the Retool side, but we've bumped it to the team in hopes of a resolution soon :crossed_fingers: I'm sorry about the delay here and will keep this thread updated!

As a quick note, something like this should work in SQL Mode !

update test2.users 
set first_name = {{ {RT$BQTYPE: 'STRING', value: null} }} 
where id = "2"

How can apply this in GUI mode?

When I do like this it shows the same issue.

parameter types must be provided....

Also how should I pass my query column name in place of null

MERGE bqtable1 AS a
USING UNNEST({{table16.recordUpdates }}) AS b
ON a.uuid = b.uuid
a.address = {{ {RT$BQTYPE: 'STRING', value: b.address} }}

Anyway, I tried to implement above logic in all possible ways. But that's not working for me. Maybe it on small scale like above, but in most common cases like when we try to update the table or insert new values this doesn't works.

And this issue is really kind of annoying as we have to fill our tables with empty strings ("") instead of null. That creates confusion while working on BigQuery console, whether to use is null or to use length(column) = 0, Also it requires to put additional logic on retool. From last 7 months we're dealing with this issue.

Is it too difficult to resolve this?

I think instead of making retool's GUI more intuitive please figure out this null issue as it's becoming very painful. and that's actually the base of whole retool app.