Environment switcher for endusers

Thank for reporting and debugging this with me. Cloud Retool updated recently, let me check if there are any changes to the feature flag internally.

I have not forgotten about this, I'm waiting on a response internally. So far I've found logs from disabling/enabling the flag on your org, and I can still see the flag on my end when I do it for my org. Just to double check, your org has not changed plans or admin permissions recently, correct?
Thank you for your patience. :slightly_smiling_face:

One of our engineers just updated the settings for this FF on your org. Could you check again?

Hey Paulo,

I'm still not seeing this setting on our Beta tab. To my knowledge we haven't changed plans or admin permissions recently. Thanks for continuing to look into this for us.


@dennis_nimblerx, has your org always been on Cloud?

I apologize, you should not see that toggle on you Beta tab. That view is from an admin setting I have on my end for testing purposes. However, since the feature is enabled for your org, your users should be able to switch environments. We are taking another look at what could be causing this. Can you confirm your viewers cannot change environments after loading the app again today?

I was able to reproduce this issue with a specific org setting:

When the branding is set to "Powered by Retool":

Viewers only see the pill but won't be able to change environments:

When the branding is set to "Menu with Retool branding":

Viewers are able to change environments:

Perhaps there was a change in branding settings within your org?

Hey, Paulo. Thanks for the branding tip. I'm fairly certain this was our issue. It was in fact set to just 'Powered by Retool' w/ no menu though I can't imagine why or when that would have changed. Appreciate your help debugging.

Hi, can you also enable the toggle for me? Thanks!

You are welcome! I'm happy we were able to find the issue. :slightly_smiling_face:

Definitely! Your org is ready for end users to switch environments! :sunglasses:

Paulo We too need this env switcher for regular users on our account. :pray:

Hi @Edo_Mor_Facer, welcome to the forum! :wave:
I just activated it for your org. :slightly_smiling_face: