Enhance template library with more nicer designs


This blog post shows some nice design using retool (Introducing the Sidebar Frame: Create intuitive interfaces for complex apps) , can we have similar ui component library from where we can import designs ? Something like this (Elementor’s Kits Library: Optimized & Customizable Website Templates) for retool. I know we have a template section but those are not updated and most of those are not using newer features like this blog design.


From here you can go to pages like : Designing in Retool - Google Slides


But the given samples also didn't implement a page like experience. Something that we can achieve in tabbed container view.

Hey @mpmohi!

The team is looking to speed up learning in Retool and adding templates and other examples folks can play around with is part of that. You can see some additional examples in these docs. I've also attached JSON files for the examples from the slideshow you linked (note that these are incomplete apps and primarily meant to display design ideas). More to come though!
design examples.zip