Enable dynamodb operation: BatchGetItem

Hi, I’m trying to load multiple records by an array of partition keys. Is it possible to use dynamodb’s BatchGetItem operation on my dynamodb resource? The only options available to me are query, scan, getItem, putItem, updateItem, deleteItem.

Hey there @abvs! Looks like we don’t support this quite yet. I’m moving this thread over to the #feature-requests channel accordingly.

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Thanks Justin!

Any update on this feature? I have a similar use case and would really appreciate some help

Hi @sparrow! Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to prioritize this request yet :disappointed:


+1 -- I'm definitely in a lot of pain right now, not having this. But let's please extend this functionality to all the more-than-just-one-record DynamoDB operations: BatchGetItem, BatchWriteItem, and BatchExecuteStatement would be great.

Thanks for this feedback, @tom360md. I've shared this as an internal feature request as well!

Did this ever get prioritized? Huge +1 to wanting this feature. Thanks!

Hi @echeatham No update yet, but thank you for your +1!

I will post back on this thread if our team is able to prioritize this one