Empty JSON body in POST to workflow by Dialpad

Hey team,

We are trying to get data from a Dialpad Event subscription.
Specifically, every time Dialpad receives an SMS message to a particular phone number, it POSTS the contents of that message to the webhook Start Trigger of one of our workflows.

Our workflow is getting the POST from Dialpad.
But the JSON body in the Start Trigger is empty.
Dialpad argued that Retool is losing the contents.

I managed to get Dialpad to POST to our internal endpoint and the JSON data is there.
I am looking for some pointers on what I might be doing wrong.


Is the webhook Start Trigger setup with the JSON schema you expect from Dialpad?

This is my team's fault.

Evidently, we configured the Webhook object in Dialpad to use some kind of authentication mechanic we are not familiar with.

Further, either no data was going across the wire, or it was encrypted.

Works just fine now. Clean JSON comes right into the Start Trigger.