Embedded Javascript Library needs to redirect for login

I am importing an external js api. That api has a login procedure which will redirect to that apps login page for the user to login and then redirect back to the app which called login.

This is failing because the javascript is being sandboxed. How do we handle this situation? Is there a way to pop a popup window to perform the redirect?

Yes, we have a concept of resource authentication which supports most typical auth flows: Configure API authentication | Retool Docs

Awesome, thanks!

I have hooked this up and testing Oauth2. I see that it is adding response_type=code to the url params. How do I override this as the vendor requires this to be response_type=token?

Never mind, that was for implicit login. I found they supported Authorization code flow as well and was able to make it work.

happy you solved it! figured Id put an alternative here just incase you or any future readers were interested tho. You can actually punch a hole through the sandbox, sorta, with a custom component. with a service like webhookrelay (free tiers available, no ads or ref links here lol) you can establish a websocket connection w the service and have any callbacks sent there which end up forwarded to ur component through the websocket.