Embed an app like the templates on https://retool.com/templates/

Hi! How can I embed an app like the templates on https://retool.com/templates/? I’ve upgraded to plus for the User mode but I still see the navigation in the Iframe (see attached screenshot) when I follow these instructions: https://docs.retool.com/docs/embedding-retool

Hey @Nick - looks like you’re using the edit mode link - you’ll want to grab the embed link in your app’s share menu, like so:

I’ve tried that method too, but without success, the Retool navigation still shows up.

To embed without the UI you would need to use the URL under the “Public” tab, and it’s worth noting here that the Public Apps feature is only available on the Pro plan.

Ok that make sense. So ‘User mode’ = ‘Share app -> Viewer’?