Email HTML Table

Dear community, I would like to pass listview data into a html table with the email ressource.
Is it possible directly with retool functions ? Other solution I found, is a library called GridJS

Thanks for your help

Hi @maattgrd!

Could you elaborate on what you'd like to see happen here?

Hi Ben,
sorry for the late reply, I would like to pass JSON object to HTML table to send by email.
I try with GridJS with a custom component but I didn't reach

I did this Javascript to translate my object to HTML code to integrate into an email body field :

var html = '<table>'; // Init HTML Table
html+='<tr><th>Parcel N°</th><th>Header1</th><th>Header2</th><th>header2</th>'; // Table Header

for (var key in formatDataAsArray(Object.value)){ //For each object 
  for (var value in formatDataAsArray(Object.value)[key]) // For each value in object
   html += '<td>'+formatDataAsArray(Object.value)[key][value] + '</td>';
   html+='</tr>'; // End of rows
html += '</table>'; // End of Table
return html;