Send entire tables in table format through sendgrid

can someone tell me how to send entire tables through the sendgrid API?

Do we have to use HTML, if so how to make it dynamic?

Hey there @ritvik_singhvi!

You can certainly generate HTML and send it using the sendgrid application. There's a post here that gives an example of how to generate the HTML though there may also be 3rd party libraries you can use to do the same (docs on how to add those here!)

I understand HTML tables in emails can be a bit limited in terms of CSS options depending on the recipient's email service and that any CSS used will likely need to be inlined. Do you have an example of how you'd like the table to look in the email itself?

the looks of the table don't matter to me haha so CSS shouldn't be an issue. It'll be only an internal mail. I need a dynamic table with varying rows that's the issue here.

I want all data from retool table to send that exact data in a table format through email.

Hey @ritvik_singhvi!

Without needing to style the table the code in the linked post should work regardless of table size. Were you able to give it a try?