Creating HTML tags for a table cell

I'm getting data for a single field in a table and I'd like to format the string with HTML. I'm getting an error that my JS syntax is incorrect but I think it looks ok.

var HTMLtext = '';
var contacts = ' Test 1, test 2';
var contactsArray = contacts.split(',');

return HTMLtext;

function convertMailTo(items, index) {
const contactArray = items.split(' ');

HTMLtext += index + ': <a href=mailto:' + contactArray[0] + '>'+ contactArray[1] + ' '+ contactArray[2] +'

What am I doing wrong?

Hi @tcobrock!

You can't declare a variable or function inside of a table mapper. Does the contacts value come from within the table?

If so, you may be able to use preloaded javascript to pass the contacts data into your function:

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Yes, this worked perfectly. Thank you!

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