Editable field with row click event handler

I have a table with several "Row Click" events, in this table I want to make one of the fields a "text" field that is editable and when edited, I will save it to my db.

The problem is that I can not see how to make this editable because when a user clicks on the field the "row click" event is triggered ( which I use to navigate to another tab in the table container )


main_container.setCurrentView("Next View")

Is there some way I can see if the user clicked on that field and disable this behaviour or do something so I can get the best of both worlds?

Hey @BKM!

Are you using the legacy table? If that's the case then you can check the column using {{ yourTable.selectedCell.columnName }}:

In the new table, you first need to enable single-cell selection to do so, after which you can check against the columnId of the cell the user has selected to see if the handler should be run:

Apart from that, individual columns in the new table can also have event handlers so you could also configure your event handler to only run on those columns you want to trigger it instead of it being a more general row select handler:

Let me know if any of those options work for you!

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Excellent, that does the trick! thank you