Editable column set to null

Hello Retool team,

I have an editable tag column in the new tables that looks like this:

I want the column to be able to accept null value, preferably with a clear button like dropdown components have. I cannot find that option in the column settings.

Thank you for highlighting this. This is feature doesn't currently exist but I've gone ahead and created a request for it.

Hey @andoliveyou.

Any updates on this?
This is a must have feature to be able to clear selections from the drop-down list of columns with type tag or tags.
Can you tell us how to do it? if it has been already rolled out

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Hi @Tejas_Akadkar Thanks for checking in. Unfortunately, no updates yet :disappointed: this request is still in our queue.

For the tags, it looks like you can use the delete button on your keyboard to remove selections one by one, but I'm not finding a great solution for the tag column.

You can create new transformer from original query and insert record with null value:

const data = {{ formatDataAsArray(getSegmentaceKat1.data)}}
const dataNew = data.map(obj=>{
return {
  id: obj.IDKategorie,
  value: obj.Nazev

// Nový záznam, který chcete přidat
const novyZaznam = { id: null, value: "Prázdné" };


return dataNew