Tag Column in table assigns null value when clicked the choosen option again

  • Goal: Avoid setting the tag value to null, is there a way to avoid the click event to force one of the options?

  • Steps: When adding a tag with different options, clicking in the same value will give it the value null

  • Screenshots: Screenshot from 2024-05-28 13-08-11

Screenshot from 2024-05-28 13-08-21

Hi @Adrian_Hervas_Martinez This is actually expected behaviour but may not be entirely clear in your version. In the later Retool versions you will see the dropdown with a tick next to the selected option - some customers may want to use null values/blank here and select to untick the option.
CleanShot 2024-05-30 at 14.58.48

You can set your column in your DB/table to not accept null values which would cause your update query to fail and you can add an error notification as a failure event handler so your users are made aware