Easy-open disabled modal when in edit mode

When in edit mode, sometimes I want to open a disabled modal for a quick look/edit without having to do one of the following:

  • Do whatever is required to enable the modal as if you were using the app (can be a hassle, depending)
  • Open the console and open the modal with modal.open()

I was thinking it would be cool (and intuitive) if the right-click menu on a disabled modal button had an option to open the modal, despite it being disabled.

A close second would be selecting the disabled modal button, and being able to open from the inspector.

You can add this to the disabled field....
You can also nest some logic in there to make sure that the button is enabled when you need it to be for users of the app.

Another way to open it is to click on it from the Explorer pane.


I like this one, thanks @bradlymathews!

I'm almost always in "State" mode when I have the left panel open – I rarely sniff around the Explorer, thus, never noticed this!