Dynamodb connection

new user to retool. trying to setup first simple interation with aws dybamodb. went to creating aws user and keys, but when i use retool resource page to setup and test connection, it fails everytime. have generated 2 separate sets of keys but neither work.


"Unable to connect. Error: Could not establish a connection. Try checking your database firewall configuration and whitelisting Retool's IP Address"

Hi @andrewrtreacy, Have you allow-listed Retools IP addresses in DynamoDB?

For anyone having this problem in the very beginning of your use of Retool with AWS DynamoDB it's a bit unclear but you have to leave blank the "Role to assume(ARN)" last textbox. I do not know if this is the correct implementation but once i blanked that field all my errors disappeared and i had a successful connection test.

Again I'm brand new to retool so if anyone has a more correct implemention would love to hear.

There was NO need to whitelist any retool IP's within AWS, fyi!