Dynamiclly access the uploaled images

I need to be able to assign dynamiclly an image from the uploaded images in retool.

When I say "uploaded images" I mean the ones on the right in the dropdown:


Copying the URLs from the preview mode does not seem scalable. I would need a way to set the image URLs in the transformer in the image (or something similar) without being copy pasted urls. I would like to know if there is a utils function or something that could generate that url.


Hey @franciscosucrecobee!

It doesn't look like this is possible at the moment. If you're looking to dynamically access image files you'll likely need to have them stored in a separate database behind a queryable API that you can hit with Retool. Is that already the case or are the images you're trying to access only stored either locally or within Retool?

The images are being stored in the retool blob storage. This are static images used in other places of the App, but here i need to make a dynamic grid with them, so I need to be able to set the image dynamically.

Got it, the only other workaround I know of would be to stack all the image components and then dynamically show/hide them, as long as they're stacked vertically they should occupy the same space when displayed.

It's not the best, and I would definitely recommend hosting your images elsewhere first, but it could work?

Thanks @Kabirdas but it won't work for my case. I will look for another workaround hosting my own images!