Dynamically update spreadsheet

I am writing a js query to do some checks
when the cell is identified, it should update the table

how to do it dynamically

  1. You have to create a new resource query.
  2. Select Google Sheets from the menu.
  3. Use either bulk or single update.
  4. Fill all required fields. There should be a unique column in your Google Sheet.
  5. Put any variable in the Array of Rows to update. we'll assign value to this variable dynamically from your JS query (When you call this google sheet query from your JS query).
  6. Create a JS query (You already did). and make an array of your findings. and trigger your google sheets resource query like this. In the additionalScope put the same variable name which you have chosen in Step 5

Run your JS query.
Hope this helps.

the variable in Array of Rows to update shows undefined

Ignore that linting.
That variable will be assigned automatically when you run your JS query

am writing the query but maybe its incorrect as am new to js as well as retool.
if you have some time,
would you pls help me

Sure. What other error it shows? If you can share some screenshots, that will help to understand.